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    Adipharm Express S.A maintains an established and documented system of quality management and continually improves efficiency in accordance with the requirements of the BPA certified. Our staff is qualified and constantly trained to improve efficiency in each of the areas and activities in process, maintaining self-inspections and constant quality audits, we work for customer satisfaction ensuring their high training in attention to claims and returns.

    The company has determined the necessary steps to carry out a Quality Management system strictly following all the general steps and secondary strategic processes established in its Process Manual, which is maintained in a continuous review on improvement and compliance.

Quality Assurance and Control

We maintain the monitoring of measurement processes, analysis and improvements necessary to demonstrate that we are able to meet the requirements of a particular service and ensure that we fall in line with our Quality Management System and continually improve efficiency.
Our management systems and quality controls are established through the distribution of manuals, implemented through internal audits and maintained with preventive corrective action.

Customer Focus

Based on customer requirements, our quality systems strive to achieve the very best in delivering to our clients the assurance and peace of mind throughout any process. This includes storage, preparation and transportation of pharmaceutical and chemical goods to the consumer on a national level.

Quality Management Manual

The company has a quality management manual in which all the necessary requirements needed to deliver a logistic service are outlined in detail with clear objectives in each established process.


Quality Politics

ADIPHARM EXPRESS S.A. provides storage, distribution and transportation logistics services of excellence, based on leadership, risks and opportunities with the participation and commitment of all workers.

• Committed to comply with the Policy and Objectives of Quality, Industrial Safety and Occupational Health through the provision of material, economic and human resources, we remain involved with the protection of workers' health.

• We have competent and permanently trained personnel, providing safe working conditions, in a continuous improvement.

• In this way we ensure the safety of our staff, without neglecting the quality of processes and products; complying with the requirements of our clients, the interested parties and the applicable Ecuadorian legal provisions.

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