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  • Driven by our customers’ needs, we deliver all the necessary infrastructure to provide reliable and excellent logistics services incorporating all international quality standards (ISO) and safety requirements. We guarantee professionalism in our services including products received by weight, warehousing facilities, inventory process and preparing orders as requested by our clients.

  • Product Receipt and Checks

    We carefully take note of the physical state of goods and all components to ensure the appropriate arrival status of the product, keeping the process properly documented every step of the way.

  • Storage

    Modern sectioned off warehouse facilities for our clients with dedicated areas for the handling/treatment of products, importation, returns, preparation and dispatch.

  • Stock Taking and Inventory Control

    We maintain a qualitative and quantitative control with strict records of arrival and departure of products. We work closely with our clients to ensure accurate management of inventory.

  • Preparation

    We handle all products with the necessary processes to meet pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food requirements.

  • Management and Control of the Cold Chain Process

    We ensure proper refrigerated cold storage for our products keeping within temperature ranges of 2°C to 8°C according to the required industry standards.

  • Picking

    We constantly increase our output in the preparation of client orders to improve our transport times whilst maintaining 100% accuracy.

  • Packing

    We strive to guarantee well-founded practices in the packaging process, boxing and use of containers. We work with integrity and quality to safeguard the preservation of any product.

  • Management and Control of Returns

    We handle all types of returns. When it comes to managing responses, we apply an established procedure that allows us to maintain the required international standards and policies.

  • Customer Service

    Our staff is highly trained and qualified to respond in a timely, immediate and personalised manner to meet any customer requirement.

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